Why Your Business Need A Social Media Strategy

  1. Increase customer engagement — In an increasingly customer centric market, customer engagement is a key to success. Forrestor defines customer engagement as “the level of involvement, interaction, intimacy, and influence that an individual has with a brand over time.” With half, if not all, your user base on social media channels, social media plays a key role in increasing and maintaining customer engagement. From regular announcements, to contests, support and more, an active, effective social media strategy helps get your customers more involved with your organisation and can potentially increase their loyalty to your brand.
  2. Increase product outreach — Everyone knows the power of customer ratings and reviews. These ratings are a key part of the Amazon experience. In fact, they play a major role in influencing sales. So, what if you could tap into the power of these ratings and multiply their effect manifold? Social media influencers allow you to do just that. From known celebrities to self-made bloggers and other such stars, social media is replete with people whose every post could influence thousands of opinions and sales. These people are known as influencers. By partnering up with influencers, you could give your brand a huge boost. Take GAP’s Stlyd.by campaign, for example. This campaign featured several social media influencers who showed how they incorporate GAP clothing into their wardrobes. The involvement of influencers gave this campaign tremendous reach! (More examples here!)
  3. Manage brand reputation — Social media has given voice to those who had to struggle to be heard, but it has also made it easier to make or break a brands reputation. Some customers use social media as their first avenue of redressal. Others use it as a last resort — due to which their posts tend to be harsher too. In either case, these customers expect a quick response, failing which they could do some serious damage to a company’s reputation. By being having a robust strategy for social media grievance redressal ensures you are prepared to deal with negative customer feedback and any backlash that comes your way. It makes it easier to manage crises and maintain your brands reputation.

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Himanshu Bounthiyal

Himanshu Bounthiyal

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